Data Intro for Librarians: Reference

Key Points

Introduction to Data
  • don’t be scared to ask for help

Jargon Busting
  • it helps to share what you know and don’t know about software development and data science jargon

  • data structures should be consistent and predictable

  • consider using semantic elements or data identifiers to data directories

  • fit and adapt your data structure to your work

  • apply naming conventions to directories and file names to identify them, to create associations between data elements, and to assist with the long term readability and comprehension of your data structures

Regular Expressions
  • using regular expressions make you searches more powerful

  • regular expressions can be used in various software

Introduction to Data - Handout and Quiz
  • regular expressions reference guide

Introduction to Data - Handout Answers
  • regular expressions answer sheet

Quick reference

Basics - navigating the shell

print working directory
list directory :
  • -l: list file information
  • -lh: list human readable file information
change directory

Basics - interacting with files

make directory
send file or files to output (in most cases, print to shell)
output first parts of a file or files
output last parts of a file or files
rename or move a file or files. Syntax for renaming a file: mv FILENAME NEWFILENAME
copy a file or files. Syntax: cp FILENAME NEWFILENAME
redirect output. Syntax with cat: cat FILENAME1 FILENAME2 > NEWFILENAME
remove a file or files. NB: USE WITH CAUTION!!!