Data Intro for Librarians

This Library Carpentry lesson introduces librarians to working with data. At the conclusion of the lesson you will: understand terms, phrases, and concepts in software development and data science; identify and use best practice in data structures; use regular expressions in searches.


This lesson has no prerequisites. Ideally you will need a laptop and an internet connection, though this is not required.

There are three main ways to contribute to Library Carpentry:


00:00 Introduction to Data what do librarians gain from code?
00:15 Jargon Busting what terms, phrases, or ideas around code or software development have you come across and perhaps feel you should know better?
01:00 Foundations what best practice and generic skills underpin you encounters with software skills?
01:45 Regular Expressions how can you imagine using regular expressions in your work?
02:30 Introduction to Data - Handout and Quiz what does Fr[ea]nc[eh] match?
03:00 Introduction to Data - Handout Answers what does Fr[ea]nc[eh] match?
03:00 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.