SQL for Librarians: Setup

  1. Installation instructions for core lessons are included in the workshop template’s home page, so that they are all in one place. The setup.md files of core lessons link to the appropriate sections of the workshop template page.

  2. Other lessons’ setup.md include full installation instructions organized by OS (following the model of the workshop template home page).

If you want to set up Jekyll so that you can preview changes on your own machine before pushing them to GitHub, you must install the software described below. (Note: Julian Thilo has written instructions for installing Jekyll on Windows.)

  1. Ruby. This is included with Linux and Mac OS X; the simplest option on Windows is to use RubyInstaller. You can test your installation by running ruby --version. For more information, see the Ruby installation guidelines.

  2. RubyGems (the package manager for Ruby). You can test your installation by running gem --version.

  3. Jekyll. You can install this by running gem install jekyll.