Shell Lessons for Librarians: Setup

To participate in this Library Carpentry lesson, you will need a working UNIX-like shell environment. Specifically we will be using Bash (Bourne Again SHell) which is standard on Linux and Mac OS. Even if you are a Windows user, learning Bash will open up a powerful set of tools on your personal machine, in addition to familiarizing you with the standard remote interface used on almost all servers and super computers.

Terminal Setup

Bash is the default shell on most Linux distributions and Mac OS. Windows users will need to install Git Bash to provide a UNIX-like environment.

If you encounter issues, Software Carpentry maintains a Configuration Problems and Solutions wiki page that may help.

Data Files

You need to download some files to follow this lesson:

  1. Download and move the file to your Desktop.
  2. Unzip/extract the file (ask your instructor if you need help with this step). You should end up with a new folder called shell-lesson on your Desktop.
  3. Open a terminal and type:
$ cd

In the lesson, you will find out how to access the data in this folder.