Teaching: 5 min
Exercises: 20 min
  • Can you express git commands in a non ‘git’ way?

  • to understand the Git/GitHub workflow

Let’s review

It is likely that some things won’t have stuck from the last hour. To try to reinforce how things work we can work in groups to develop diagrams to illustrate Git functions and language. This should make carrying out more complicated aspects of Git clearer in our heads.

In groups:

Exercise - visualising git

In group work, spend some time trying to illustrate some of the commands we’ve used with Git:

If you want to practise more feel free to keep practicising making changes to your file and committing the changes. If you want to explore more git commands, search for some more online or follow one of the suggested links below.

Key Points

  • the workflow isn’t tricky, but it the language takes some time to settle in